COVID-19 Community Action Plan

Shalom ESC Mishpocha,

As of the writing of this letter, President Trump and Gov. Hogan have reduced the shelter-at-home to a safer-at-home guideline.

However, the Frederick county commissioner Gardner has extended shelter-at-home until May 29th. In light of this, we want to give you our sense for three phases of gathering in-person as a community once again.

El Shaddai Congregation

A New Covenant Community

Proclaiming Yeshua the Messiah

We who affiliate with this congregation are new creations in the sight of God. We have a radical commitment to the Lordship of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) as Melech Israel (King of Israel) and Melech HaGoyim (King of the Nations).

The Word of God (the Tanakh & Brit Chadashah) is the central authority in our lives. We are dedicated to a daily devotional time of Scripture meditation and prayer. We believe that Jewish people who recognize Yeshua as the Messiah retain their complete Jewish identity.

Our Congregation is founded on five pillars:

  1. Discipleship
  2. Jewish Calling
  3. Covenant Relationships
  4. Word of God &Power of the Spirit
  5. Prophetic Intercession

Monthly Calendar