ESC Community Action Plan

Shalom ESC Mishpocha,

We pray that this finds you blessed in Messiah Yeshua this holiday season. We are blessed to report that the Lord has brought healing to our congregation. Most of our families are out of quarantine with clean bills of health. We have not heard of any new cases of Covid-19 in our ESC family for the past two weeks. Baruch HaShem! Let us keep lifting our community in prayer both at ESC and Frederick City as well. May our region know the love and healing that Yeshua can bring. Let’s also remember to keep our first responders in prayer at this time as well. We so value those who are serving others throughout this challenging year. 

We will be meeting in-person and online this coming Shabbat January 2, 2021. We want to reiterate our three-phase community action plan as we navigate this season together by the leading and Grace of the Lord. 

Phase One included re-opening our ESC office, the 24-7 prayer house, and online services. We began Phase one in May of this year.

Phase two includes meeting in-person for our Shabbat services and home groups. ESC has hand sanitation stations and masks available throughout the building. Face masks are required in our congregational building unless you have a medical reason. We ask that individuals take their temperature before coming to service and stay home if they feel under the weather or running a fever over 100. We will continue to offer live streams of our services so we can stay connected as a community. 

We have been in phase two for the last six months, except for the previous three online-only services. As we look to regather in-person this week, we will continue to follow these guidelines as a family. We believe of the Lord to transition into phase three in quarter one of 2021.

Phase three will reinstate the children’s classes, luncheons, coffee team, dance, Torah processionals.

We desire to keep the Spirit of worship before the Lord with our Torah/worship services while maintaining federal and state leadership recommendations. We are asking members to be respectful of other congregants and ask before shaking hands or hugging. Leadership involved in ministering in the services will not be wearing masks during phases two and three. We will need to extend much Grace and love on both sides of the spectrum, those seeking fellowship and those who want to stay distant and stay socially separate longer than others would, with no judgment on either side. We also recognize we have families who come to our service from four different states; each state has additional requirements and varied opening processes. Let us continue to walk in the Grace and love of the Lord in this season together.

We love you and look forward to gathering this Shabbat again.

Love and Grace,
Roeh Andrew
On behalf of the ESC Elders